T-Bone Tour XI: McKanna Meats: After a lengthy gap in the T-Bone Tour, I finally got back to trying to find the best T-Bone steak in London. | Steak Society
Helpful, friendly, reasonably priced and great quality. One of the best butchers in London.  
E. McMahon | Google Reviews
We bought a fresh roasting chicken last Sept. while renting an apartment and wish we had discovered McKanna's earlier in our stay. The chicken was of unsurpassed quality and at a fair price. Terrific service by the staff, as well. We miss McKanna's! J. Garvin | Google Reviews
Great butchers with wonderful selection of meats as well as sausages and poultry! Quality service! Always good to support local businesses! Their capons are outstanding and the same goes for ossobucco! I've always had good service here and really good value for money! R. SaGoogle Reviews
Support your local business! But first and foremost, McKanna Meats is a gem in the city. Their meat quality is always the best, and the service is better: friendly and helpful. Their prices are reasonable - more so than Waitrose and it's better quality. I always have a good experience with this shop - give it a try for your next food shop. Gina M. | Google Reviews
Like a local butcher but in central London, Theobalds – also know as McKanna Meats – specialises in bargain offcuts, fancy shanks and meaty delights such as rose veal dressed in sage and ready for roasting. Browse through interesting finds on the shelves of deli items, too. Its appearance is rustic and rough around the edges, but the meats are perfect every time. Best Butchers in London TimeOut London
McKanna Meats (AKA Theobald’s) Best for: marinated chops, enormous gammon knuckles and well-priced brie. This is the closest you’ll find to a village butchers, and it’s right on the fringe of The City. The service is fun and friendly, the range is enormous and best of all, it’s cheap. More than just a butchers, McKanna meats also sells luxuriant (and reasonably-priced) cheeses and other deli treats like duck confit. Buy pre-marinated meat, pre-assembled kebabs as a ton of ‘cheap cuts’ which actually are cheap: beef cheeks, ox tail, and enormous gammon knuckles for just £2.40. 21 Theobalds Rd, London, WC1X 8SL 020 7242 7740  My Top 7 London Butchers The Food I Eat
This is the best butcher I have been able to find in London. My appreciation lies in the following characteristics - It is open more of the hours I do my shopping, like Sunday. It has a huge range of cuts. Not just common cuts. It's good value and not like your expensive artisan style butcher although this place is better quality. I went to two local butchers this weekend looking for pork or beef cheeks. Both said I'd need to order. These guys had them both in stock. If you need some marrow bones to do one of Delia Smith's beef stocks, or you need some advice on how to French a rack of pork to do James Martin's Rack of Pork with Chard Gratin - this is your butcher. Everything is labelled, there's loads more out the back, and these guys are friendly and helpful. Pay them a visit. I. Stanton | Facebook
best butcher's in town, and i've tried many over the years. great staff, informative and friendly. tiny floor space so often queues (a GOOD thing), but shoppers and staff are a chatty crew and many a lively conversation to be had. the meat is excellent, constantly varied, and the prices always market-driven. highly recommended... J. Marsh | Facebook
My saturday treat! I like cooking. No better, I love cooking. And I especially love cooking meat. White, red, game, you name it. I cook it. And I need awesome ingredients for doing so. And if the best ingredients can be found next to my door, that's even better. That's wonderful. That's why I love McKanna: they have wonderful meat, I mean seriously wonderful: from the steaks to game (in season of course) to cornfed chicken, even burgers are delicious. And for those who love giblets, they have plenty, everything super fresh as it should be. Oh and it's not expensive at all. There are no downside here. Everything as it should be. Well the only downside is the fact that on Saturday expect to spend a good half an hour here, the place is very small and there is always a queue out of the door. But that's part of the magic. If you want it, you wait, otherwise you can just get to Tesco and buy that plastic covered third class meat. And be ashamed of yourself. Maurizio A. | Yelp
Honestly this is the best butchers in London! Quality meat at a reasonable price and friendly service. We ordered a huge rib of beef last Christmas and as well as being quite a bit cheaper than I expected it tasted fantastic. We love their pork sausages, not to mention their steaks which we treat ourselves to once a month or so. My hubby's also a fan of their pork chops which they cut nice and thick and score the skin so he gets a nice bit of crackling to gnaw on! Lorraine W. | Yelp
I cannot believe that I have been using this butchers for so long and only just tried their Gloucester Old Spot sausages! Wonderful - as good a sausage as I have ever had. Knocks all those fancy sausage shops with their ridiculous flavour combos in to touch. Mike S. | Yelp

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